AX "a program is tyring to access e-mail.." when sending mail from ax

Everytime a user attempts to send mail using AX, they get a security pop up from outlook stating “a program is trying to access email addresses you have stored in outlook”… they have to click “allow” in order for it to work.

this can’t be normal, but i can’t find a setting to make it work. Local install of both ax client and outlook client.

any suggestions?


I understand that it is standard functionality in Outlook which cannot be turned off. Therefore you might want to use this small add-on.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Harish,

we actually are using that on a small basis… but they don’t have a version ready for our 2k8 64 bit terminal servers.

Hey mat,

have a look at this:

I think this should fix your problem.


… doesn’t work with Outlook 2007. we can’t use office 2003 because it’s too cumbersome for users to create a mail profile. (we use w2k8 Remote App for the ax client… and have them run through a one time setup of their mail client. Outlook 2007 profile setup populates all the fields for them like what mail server they are on… automatically)

Sorry for thread CPR, but did you ever find a solution for this with outlook 2007? Express click works in TS, just not remote app. Driving my users insane–which is fun for now, but they’ll keep whinning and eventually get their way…

This is the fix I did. It’s not my code.