outlook ax

how to configure outlook for sending mail from ax

pls anyone help me

its very urgent

In what respect? If it is your default mail and you select email as a printer it will launch Outlook with it attached. No configuration required except that it is your default mail system.

pls anyone help me…

I did reply, why have you ignored it and asked for help still?

hi adam,

am trying to integrate ax with outlook

but i cant do… getting error like "Could not communicate with Microsoft Office Outlook client. "

and i tried to solve it, but still am facin same error

What is the setup of Outlook. i.e. is this all running locally? Outlook server elsewhere? Using Citrix?

What have you configured in AX with regards to Outlook?

hi adam

outlook running in locally

in crm module->setup->microsoft setup wizard-> while select the use current microsoft outlook profile

am getting error…

is there any other way to integarate ???

Have you setup the Outlook Integration against the User?

yes adam

hi adam

i google it my error, and got some solution

i tried tat also, but not working,

is there any other option to integrate???

When you run teh wizard what are in the employee and user fields?

in wizard only one user tat s mine…

fileds caled userid username networkaccount name user type are available tats all

So the employee is blank?


i gave my as emp to test…

I asked if the employee defined within the wizard is blank, if it is then the user and employee relationship is not set, if it is and you have created this and the Outlook information seccessfully against the employee then you need to speak to a member of your technical team because the setup in AX is correct and it is then to do with the configuration of systems and accessing the folders externally, which needs a technical person not me.

Everything needs to be done through the forum so future users can search and use these. If you need to talk to someone talk to a colleague, partner or Microsoft.

thanx adam