Ax Upgrade from AX-4.0 to AX-2009

Hi Sir,

I m doing Upgrade Project From AX-4.0 to AX-2009
I have completed my code upgrade.
While doing data Upgrade I have done my pre synchronization with 100%
Syncronization also completed with some warning and info.
But while running the post synchronization i cant able to complete. It is getting struck to one of the job and it is not getting completed even i left it for 2 days also
Ya but after 2 days if i cancle the status and run the post synchronization again the it is completing with 100%…
I m using windows server operating system R2 with service pack 2 and SQL-2005 , AX-2009 , Ax-update, and India Localization

Shankar Did you get upgrade from 4.0 to 5.0

Yes Sir , I have done the upgrade from Ax4.0 to Ax5.0

i dont have any idea about this

can you please guide me

can you please what are the need’s for this

Hi Benz,

Can u send me ur gmail id so that i send u the file which i had prepared for upgrade from Ax4.0 to Ax5.0. U will get the clear picture from that.

hi shankar,

please can u send me upgrade document my mail

my mail

thank you for advance



What job does it get stuck on? And I remember having the same issue where jobs would hang and create SQL locks I think, then I would just cancel and re-try and it would work. You are probably fine. Find the job that is hanging, look in the classes\ReleaseUpdateDB41* stuff and see what steps it is actually performing if you want to verify.

Hi Shankar,

This is srini now we are doing up gradation trail run project from AX 4.0 to AX 2009. we dont have standard methodology for up grade.

can u please send me the document what u did for up gradation and that is very helpful for us.

my mail ID:

Thanks for helping us.