Upgrade from Ax4.0 to Ax 5.0


I m upgrading from Ax 4.0 with SQL2005 to Ax 2009 with SQL 2008. I have completed my code upgrade. In data upgrade when i click on pre-synchronize link (data upgrade cockpit) appears, but nothing happens for hours together… What can be the problem.

I took data backup from SQL 2005 and I restore in SQL 2008. While installing Ax 2009 , i pointed to the database which i had restore in SQL 2008 …Plz help…

hi …

i am trying to upgrade Ax 4.0 to ax 2012.I have done Prepare Application data for preprocessing.After this I have run all job successfully for Run Live Preprocessing script having status finished.However next step is still disabled and thats why I am unable to enter single user mode.

Kindly help me. I am stuck sine 3 days.



I am going for upgradation Ax 4.0 to Ax 2009.

Plz help me wt’s process…

hi shankar,

go this block and fallow each step , i hope it is use ful to u.


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I have the similar issues where all batch jobs are finished under “Preprocess data on Live System” → “Run Live Pre Processing Scripts”, but “Country/Region code upgrade” menu is disabled.

do you have any information on this issue?