DataUpgrade -Post Synchronize

Hi all

I have been busy doing a data upgrade from AX3.0 to AX2009. At the moment I am at the Post Synchronize step, and as expected it is taking for hours.

My question however…

Currently the post sync is stuck on one table WMSOrderTrans, it has been busy with this table for around 15hours now, which, as long as it eventually gets done with it, is not so bad. However, my client unexpectedly closes down every few minutes. It is not a severe crash, as if I have a job window open with some unsaved text, it gracefully asks me if I want to save my work. Starting the client up again, I still have the Upgrade checklist, and clicking on the Post synchronize step opens up the data upgrade cockpit, where it continues processing its tasks. I am curious however if there is a reason for this shutdown of the client, and whether the task of that table is restarted, or whether it continues on where it had left off?

Also, this table would not be used anymore in the AX2009 environment for my client, could I delete the data in it to speed up the upgrade process?

Thank you!


There is a setting in the Options window defining how many minutes can the client remain idle before it exists itself. Try changing this setting to 0 - that way the client will not terminate automatically.

15 hours of synchronization means that there’s definitely something wrong. How do You know that it’s stuck on the WMSOrderTrans? If You are looking at the progress bar - the actual table that’s written there is not necesserily the one that’s being synchronized at the moment, the progress bar is not being refreshed often enough. Try checking the application and system event logs - if there’s anything wrong, errors might give You a hint where to look. After the presynchro, were there any errors / warnings on the list?