Ax Upgrade from Ax-4.0 to Ax-2009

Hi Sir,

I m doing Upgrade Project From AX-4.0 to AX-2009
I have completed my code upgrade.
While doing data Upgrade I have done my pre synchronization with 100%
Syncronization also completed with some warning and info.
But while running the post synchronization i cant able to complete. It is getting struck to one of the job and it is not getting completed even i left it for 2 days also
Ya but after 2 days if i cancle the status and run the post synchronization again the it is completing with 100%…
I m using windows server operating system R2 with service pack 2 and SQL-2005 , AX-2009 , Ax-update, and India Localization

What is the specific error and job it is failing on?

Hi sir there is no error.This job is in executing state…even if i left it for 2 days also. But if i cancle the post synchronization after 2 days and run it again then it is completing 100%.

The job is as follow:

Updating InvoiceRefRecId of the table SalesLine with the corresponding Recid of the table CustInvoiceTrans. (this job is in executing state)


TotalNumberOf Jobs:481

Jobs with error:0

The upgrade jobs can be finicky. Are you able to actually cancel the executing job? If you cancel it, it should list it as a failed job, and you should be able to re-run the failed jobs only.