upgrading ax 4.0 to ax 2009 error


i have followed the steps for upgrade…

1: I took all the backup of 4.0.

2:Only customization is there in 4.0.No customization is there in ax 2009.

3:Then ran the ax setup and connected to existing database of AX 4.0.

4:Then before upgrading the checklist, i copied the customized file from ax 4.0 to ax 2009 application folder.

5:Then upgraded the checklist.


6:In another setup after completion of checklist, ITS NOT STARTING THE CLIENT.(error-2,client start up error).

How to overcome from this issues?

You must complete the checklist fully, especially the synchronization jobs. It is VERY common for the sync jobs to fail. The issues need to be overcome and can be very difficult. Each error I’ve found is different every time.

If you can get the sync jobs to work fully, then the upgrade should go smoothly (other than upgrading code).

whether upgrade we can do only in server(server 2003),can’t do it in a standalone system?

Can you explain what you’re asking more clearly?

If you have modifications to the AX 4.0 system, you need to bring those to the AX 2009 system. It is important to get through the checklist fully in order to get an upgraded environment.

An upgrade is a very difficult task…

I have to upgrade some coustmization from ax 4.0 to ax 2009.
Before upgrade i m doing a demo upgrade.still the demo upgrade is not happening.
In demo upgrade i am simply upgrading fresh ax 4.0 to a fresh ax 2009.bcoz in stanrd some changes are there in between ax 4.0 to ax 2009.
So it should create conflict file in private project.

The steps for upgrade from ax 4.0 to ax 2009:
1:I have installed 4.0.Created new database.
2:Then ran the setup file for ax 2009.
3:I have selected a existing database(of ax4.0).
4:Then upgraded the checklist.

but its not happening.Iam doing this in a standalone system.
My query is whether we need do upgrade in server system(server 2003)or we can do it in stand alone also.

When you say a “stand alone” system…what does that mean? Is everything installed on one machine? And if it is, what OS is it installed on? If you are able to complete the installation of AX with no issues and begin the checklist, I doubt that’s this is an issue.

When you installed AX 4.0 and created a new database, I would make sure to login to the system and make sure it’s “up” first. Then stop the AX 4.0 AOS, and install AX 2009. Assuming there are 0 modifications, then during the AX 2009 install, point to the AX 4.0 database and complete the install.

If you are able to get AX to open and the checklist to appear, then this would indicate that any failures this point on, are only related to code & data, and nothing to do with the system or version you are on.

You need to complete the main steps fully for it to work correctly. Full system compile, license information, Pre Sync, Sync, Post Sync. The customer feedback, code conflicts, etc shouldn’t matter.

PreSync/Sync/PostSync are the hardest to complete and small parts will fail, but each small batch task can be dependent on others to complete first, so if one fails, then it can hold up the other tasks.

All of these batch jobs tie back to ReleaseUpdateDB* classes in the AOT. If one job fails, find the class & method in the AOT (Ctrl+D) during the upgrade and look at what the code is doing with the data. It’s not uncommon for it to not work out of the box (3 full upgrades under my belt). There are times when the extended data type was just not working for some reason, and I’d have to change a variable temporarily to int 20 myVar, from the extended data type just to get it compiling and working enough for the sync to complete.

Hope this helps…

m following all the step…

now its giving error in synchro database.

its giving some warning in table “PBARulePBAId2ConsId”, then showing in child table -“New unique index named ‘I_8648PBAIDVERSCLAUSE may cause unique index violations’.”

How resolve this warning.

This warning is probably fine. Look at the details of it. It usually means that Microsoft has added or removed fields to the unique index. SalesTable may have been SalesId&RecId, then if you change it to just SalesId, it could cause unique index violations, but it won’t.

Warnings should be expected, just make sure fields/tables aren’t dropped and it should be fine. Errors are the problems.


During PostSynchrornization in upgrade checklist there are some errors for the following methods

  1. createRFQcaseidnumbersequence

  2. updateinventdimsetup

  3. updatesharednumbersequenceref

even after commenting the code same error is repeating.