AX 2012 Service Management - Service Order and Posting Invoice

In AX 2012 Service Management I have following scenario,
Customer gives a Laptop for Service and there is Service charges (Labor) and cost of Spares involved for the service. How to create a Service order both for Service charge and Cost of Spares and Invoice the same together.
Thanks in advice.


The service management functionalities that we have in AX are tied up with Project accounting. But, the scenario you discussed seems to be part of sales and service where no project is involved.

I believe you can’t use Service management for this. What if you use “Sales orders” to create SO with different lines …line1,line2 etc., for spare parts and create Line3 to charge on the service provided.

Hope it helps.

But then we wouldn’t be able to leverage the service management functions like Service Objects, Service Tasks and Work description which is vital for service orders. The project is just a way of establishing the customer engagement for invoicing, payments and tracking the cashflow through contract agreements. So in this case, we can create a dummy project and proceed with service order processes.

To invoice the customer for Spare parts, use transaction line of type Item.

To invoice the customer for Service charge, you can simply use the transaction line of type Fee. Or if you also want to track the Labor cost on the service, you can use transaction line of type Hour instead. Please note that the project type should be Time & Material to be able to invoice the service work. Fixed price project goes by agreed upon milestone value only.

For a general selling company, maintaining the information of which objects are being serviced and all is not really a matter unless that is a completely service based organization.

If we try using the service management module, it is not just creating a project for this. Indirectly it is like implementing project module for the customer. So, based on requirement we should think whether it is really needed to implement project management and service management modules. Customer may look at cost effective way.

Doing some customization to sales orders may reduce the implementation cost. So, Prabu and team should take the decision now :).

Dear Kiran & Santosh,

Thanks for your suggestions. I will get back after discussing with my team.


Agreed but in practical scenario service comes after the sales. Here the laptop is getting serviced which was already sold to the customer which may not be attributed to the sales again.

The original question had the service management process, which can’t be handled alone without project association. So was referring to that solution. Though the effort to create dummy project setup is minimal and doesn’t require the whole module implementation still we shall leave the choice to the implementer to take a call as you did. :slight_smile:

Yeah Kiran. I think you are right. After revisiting the original question it did sound as if they have project accounting already in place.