Project: Register costs

Hi All,
We are using Dynamics AX2012 R2 and we have a challenge in the project module. For projects we buy tickets and would like to register them as costs.

Right now we book the invoice from the tickets directly to the project, but we would like to see the costs directly on the project when we order the ticket. Now we have to wait till the invoice is booked.

Are there possibilities in AX to do this? I am looking for something like create a cost journal, book it and match the invoice against the cost journal. As far as I know this is not possible.
Thanks in advance!


Are you creating purchase orders for these tickets, or just getting an invoice after the fact and wanting to post it. If you use purchase orders, you could probably get some encumberance reporting or something.

Hi Jake,
Thanks for your reaction. No we are not creating purchase orders, we just get the invoice. Otherwise we have all the costs registered as a ‘item’ on our reports.