Project Credit Note with Item Reversal in Ax2012


Good morning to all of you, guys and gals, could anyone help me how to solve this issue in AX2012 where, the items that i used in project invoice that originated from service order cannot be reversed, eventhough you process the credit note in Project invoice to reversed the item used, the status of that item used still sold, and the on-hand did not updated.

Here are the step ive done before i processed the credit note in project invoice.

  1. Go to service service management, create a service order where i choose the project then fill other information.

  2. Process the item requirement, post the pick and pack. Then closed the service order.

  3. Go to project management, process the invoice proposal for that item, go with the workflow to process the final stage for invoice processing.

  4. Then after invoicing, i decided to reversed that invoice, by going to project invoice and process the credit note.

  5. Now eventhough the credit note was successfully done, the item used on that invoiced did not changed, still the on-hand not updated, and item is still sold.

Is this a bug from ax? Does anyone encounter this problem. Please i need your opinion regarding this error in credit note functionality of AX.

Note the customer balances is updated, but as ive said before the item did not change its status still sold and out in inventory on hand.

Thanks in advance.