Service Order of AX 2009

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I would like to ask help on the service order of AX.

Scenario: A customer returns a bracelet for engraving and she wants an additional stone. Since its still in warranty, engraving is for free but the additional stone will be paid.

My issue is when I create a service order, Project is a mandatory field for me to proceed. What I have in mind is, why should I include a project since this is just a service order? Is there any way that I can create a service order without using a project? Or any suggestions how to handle this scenario in AX 2009.

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Jr Barte


Service module in AX is integrated with project module and it is meant to be raised with ref to project.

You can use AR features in these case. Like you can raise a seperate invoice for the additional work.

No the entire service module sits on projects, it is how it posts, tracks costs and invoices.

Thanks guys for the help.

I am just wondering if ever I use the project of AX, will it be the best way to record the service order of the customer? We need to track Service centers for job orders rendered. I am not really that versed in using AX project , but a suggestion or a waning maybe from you if its not risky to pursue using service management of AX and attaching a Project.

Thank you!

Not sure I understand the question. Essentially it is not possible to use service without configuring Projects, the service object is directly related to a project, you cannot do anything without this relationship being established. Clearly it is risky for you to attempt to do anything without understanding the modules.

You can use project module for this. But it depends on the transaction volume. Like if the transaction volume is very high, than you can go for it otherwise look for a workaround.

If projects has not been implemented, than there will be huge task for you.

Projects can be internal (Warranty in your case) or external (like Time & Material for raising invoice). Both the cases is applicable in your case.

i will suggest you if you are going to use project, than you may also need to customize it for warranty purpose.

Thanks guys.

We are not using the Project now. Since this is their new requirement, I am seeing the possibility of using the service module however, the project is mandatory. Maybe I can create one Project to be used for all Service Orders.

You have to be careful in that also. For Instance, in case of Time & Material Project (on which invoice is raised to customer), Project Contract is mandatory field and in Project contract customer is mandatory.

Anyway, you have to consider all the inputs and requirements when implementing Project Accounting.



Thanks for the ideas! :slight_smile: