AX 2009 - Error message when creating a PL Invoice register journal.

I am creating a test company and have this issue when posting my first purchase invoice.

“No access to account SA-00000002 in company accounts tmpl because of journal setup”

PL/Journals/Invoices/Invoice Register

The eror message doesnt really point in any diection has anyone seen this before or know of it?



How is the journal configured? DId you create this and the settings yourself?

Is SA-00000002 a general ledger account?

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your response. I did create the settings myself and the SA account is a vendor account as I am posting an invoice registry journal. If you need any other info let me know!

Thanks Adam


My recommendation to start with would be to delete the Journal Name you are using, or create a new one of journal type invoice register. There is probably something here configured incorrectly.

I dont know how, but it worked. Im guessing that was down to your experience of AX as I would never have guessed deleting the record and re entering (with the same values) would fix the issue. Strange… but I am happy.

Cheers Adam.

I believe there was something set in the journal, but I was simply eliminating the cause of the issue - the recreation meant you would either recreate the error, or set it differently and it would work - my guess is that the values were not quite the same.