Invoice Register error


In the process of Invoice register creation , when i select the vendor code 1101 , system throws the follwoing error like

No access to account 1101 in company accounts cue because of journal setup

What is the setup problem ?

How to solve the problem ?[:(]

Hi Ameen,

Presume it is AX 2012. Have you tried clicking on the error message? Which object does it point?

If the above doesn’t work, get a developer to debug this issue.

Hi Harish ,

It is AX 2009 ? and error comes in the ivnoice register


I will suggest you to look for two things:

  1. Check for the vendor 1101 On Hold setup. Make sure vendor is not set to be on hold for invoice or any transaction.

  2. Check also journal control and posting restriction.


Thanks pranav for your reply.

I think that you are talking about the field Stopped ( on hold) , Stopped field option - No.

Can you tell what path of On hold setup in vendor master if it is differ from the Stopped ?

Company accounts - CEU

Posting accounts - ALL

From Account type - Ledger

To account type - Ledger

From account and To account field values are blank.

If i delete the company accounts field value , then system is allowing the invoice register to create and post . [:D]

What does it mean of company accounts? and what we need to select here ? [:(]