Error when creating a payment via general journal

Hi all,

today a strange error occured (respectively it became aware to us). following scenario:

creating an invoice of an account payable. - no problem.

when creating an accounts payable payment via general journal i insert the invoice number (or anything alphanumerical) in the row “invoice (=Rechnung)” then after posting the system creates an credit note (see screenshot).

upper form: general journal and the lines which is posted (VR4-118692)
lower report: accounts payable overview: first marked row - invoice, which is correct and second marked row - negative posting, the credit note, which is incorrect)

consequently all the postings are wrong. did anyone experience such behavior? does anyone know why AX 2009 posts a credit note at this point? is it a settings thing or how does it come? if i dont enter anything in the row “invoice” the posting is correct.

thanks for your help in advance


did no one ever experienced such behavior?

really no one?

This is a Standard behaviour of AX and I also faced the same scenario. By putting invoice number on Journal Lines it treats them as Invoice or credit note as per the amount debit or credit.