Error in posting General Journal in AX 2009

The following error occurs when posting General Journal in AX 2009.

The error occurs only when there are 2 lines on the Journal & tax is applied on only 1 of the lines.

If only 1 line is posted with tax or without tax, the same error doesn’t occur.

The currency of the Journal, Taxes Applied & the company are all the same “INR”.

There are no customizations on the form.

What’s the error?

The image didn’t get posted.

I’m unable to post a photo.

But the error was, "The Transactions on Voucher do not balance as per .

We also found the reason for the error.

The client wanted to post 2 vouchers with same number on one journal.

He also found a way to do that by creating a line, saving it without entering amount.

Then when they created a new line, they got the same voucher number & then they entered amount in both the lines.