Attain on Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Hi, We have a problem creating user within the Attain client. The DB runs Microsoft SQL Server 2000, and we can connect and use the system as with a NF DB, but for some reason we can only create user from the SQL server and not the client. Unfortunately the SQL makes it difficult to set permission on the tabel level, therefor we need help setting things right så it all can be managed from attain. We think, for some reason there is no admin on the Attain level, yet it works fine on the SQL level. Any ideas? I can clarify things if something sounds unclear…

Elaboration. Usually it is possible to click: Tools → Security → Database logins BUT All the fiels ind the Security option are blanked out, its only possible to click Syncronize but if clicked, then we the the error message: The Navision Attain and SQL Server security system have not been syncronized successfully. The SQL Server login NH does not exist on the server server. In the tabel users the entry NH exist, also as a user in the windows enviroment and on the SQL server aswell. The server name is server, the database name is compart.

You manage almost all security from Attain, not SQL Server. I say almost because the exception is the creation of Database Logins (as opposed to Windows Logins). Database Logins are users that are entered into the User table via Tools/Security/Database Logins. These users must already be created LOGINS in SQL Server. However it is not necessary to create DATABASE USERS in the database on SQL Server for these logins (SQL Server has two concepts: a LOGIN and a DATABASE USER. The login is a server wide user name which gives the ability to connect to the server. The database user is a per-database user name that a login will map to for a particular database). You do not create any permissions at all in SQL Server - Attain handles that. You only need to manage Attain permissions. So, assuming you have already created a database login in SQL Server (using Enterprise Manager or Query Analyser etc), called e.g. USER_X then you can enter USER_X as a user in Attain in the User tablle. For Windows Logins the difference is that Attain can also create a windows login in SQL Server without you having to do it first in onw of the above mentioned tools. The reason for the difference is that one requires passwords and the other does not, and this has some security issues associated with it. If you do not have access to the Security menus to show Database Logins, then that is a problem with your license I think. The Synchronise menu should also be greyed out in this case, but it is a bug currently that it is not. To repeat; you do not need to manage permissions in SQL Server. And check your license to see that you are able to manage security in Attain.

Thanks robertc, I will be testing this shortly, for now thanks. Sincerely René