Navision 3.60 and Sqlserver 2000

we have a test system with sqlserver 2000 and navision 3.60 (a windows 2000 member server in a nt 4.0 domain). I made a backup in my navision 3.60 application with navision own database and made a restore with the navision 3.60 sql client to my sqlserver 2000. It was very long running and finished with the following error message: The security system of Navision Attain and the sql server could not be synchronized. The SQL server login admin is not on the server sql (sqlserver 2000). what is my problem?

The Navision database from you are made the backup, has the user “admin”. After you create a Navision SQL Database, and before restore the backup you have to create the same login name into SQL Server 2000. The last operation of the backup restore is synchronize the users of SQL Server with the users of the database restored. To solve this problem you must create the user “admin” (and any other that you have in the database backed up) on SQL Server and run the process Tools → Security → Synchronize. If you can’t access to the SQL database from Navision, create the login in SQL Server 2000 and then restore the database again. Hope this helps you