4.00 SQL Install

We are slowly going mad trying to get 4.00 installed and working. We run SQL Server and Terminal Server(s). Administrator has installed 4.00 client on Terminal Server. Administrator has created database on SQL server from Navision. Administrator has created SQL users then added same users to Navision. User A is a also an administrator and is granted SUPER role in Navision. User B is an end-user and is granted ‘typical’ roles. Administrator has run security synchronisation. All object permissions in Navision are correct. User A can access the datbase but is refused access to company data. User B cannot access database. Only Administrator has access to Navision! I have read all relevant postings in the forum. I am sure that we are missing something very obvious. You help is much appreciated.

Hi Jonathan. Are you using Windows login or Database login? Have you tried both?

Gudmundur, Thanks for the reply. We are using Windows authentication. We have resolved this issue - it is important that the server add-in is installed and registered before the applcaition/client is installed and connected. It is interesting to note that adding 6 users with various permission sets only takes about 5 minutes to synchronise.