security problem on sql personal server

I have installed on a windows XP an sql personal server 2000, I installed a navision 3.10W1 database on it, and now I have the problem that when I try to add a field on a table I got a permission denial on the sql server, I checked all the parameters all seemed ok, the user have super rights on database and the sql user have all rights. what I think is that navision client have not the right to modify or create a table but I don’t know how to change that fact. Is there any problem between SQL personal server and navision? or have I forgot to install something?

In order to do table design in Attain, you must be member of the db_owner (dbo) database role on the SQL Server. What does the error message say? There is another security catch which often creates problems: You must install the extended stored procedure (it’s in xp_ndo.dll) in order to use Windows Authentication. But I don’t think that’s the problem here. Rgds - Jens