AOS connection managment

Hi, I would like to know more about the way the AOS manage the SQL or Oracle connections : - 1 per 3 tier user connected - with a pool (how many conections simultaneously) how and when the AOS increase or decrease the number of conections ? Thanks in advance.

Hi, An excellent question. As you probably would have found out by now, there is not much difference in the way data is accessed between 3-tier FAT and 2-tier clients. These clients manage data access themselves. The 3-tier thin clients access database through AOS. In AOS connection pooling has been implemented which does load balancing of database connections. The default timeout for SQL server connection is 60 seconds and for Oracle it is 30 minutes. Reason for this huge difference is it is relatively easy (light overhead) in opening SQL Server connection. As far as the number of connections, if I remember right, because of the nature of clients, it differs between 2-tier/3-tier FAT on one side and 3-tier thin on the other. Before I commit myself, let me refer to the documentation which must be somewhere in my hard drive. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu