AOS as processing bottleneck

Hi, We have a batch process that runs daily to import about 15000 sales orders and posts them. We run this process when there is no other user activity on the system. When we first started running the batch, it used to take about 4 hours to process (we were already unhappy with this) and as the DB has grown, this time has expanded to 10 hours! While the delay growth relative to database growth points to a database problem, my concern is the origonal problem of four hours on a relatively empty database. What I would like to know is, is there some sort of software constraint per AOS as to the amount of processing that can occur per client or even per AOS? We are running a three tier environment and neither our database nor AOS hardware is even coming close to struggling (according to performance monitoring). We are however using a single AOS, and while the hardware on which the AOS runs is by no means struggling, i thought there might be something inherent in the AOS that does not allow that level of processing to occur at a decent rate. Any comments on this would be welcome. Thanks, Matt

Hi, Have you monitored db-server also ? Please uncheck the unicode setting in the configuration of AOS

We have monitored the AOS and DB machines. Neither seem to be taking any strain from the logs. We have seen indications of as possible indexing problem (which is why I posted about SQL logs in another thread), however we were wondering if the AOS could be a bottleneck in some way other than hardware capabilities. Basically we are trying to establish if it is worth having more than one AOS server on a single physical server - since the AOS maintains the connection to the DB in a 3-tier solution and handles load balancing, we thought perhaps there was something inherent in the architecture that would limit the amount of processing an AOS would allow from a single client connection. Thanks, Matt

How about the connection between the AOS and DB machines? Perhaps neither of the machines is struggling because the network is causing delays (saturation, faulty wiring, bad switch, …)?