Performance, 3-tier (thin client) on 256 Kbit

Hi I have installed the following: Server with Axapta 3.0 application, server and MSDE database. Client with Axapta 3.0 application, client The client connects to the server using AOS (IP-number) through a 256 Kbit ADSL connection. As recommended by Navision, we are using 3-tier thin client configuration. The problem is that performance is extremely poor. When we are using the demo data from Navision, it e.g. takes approx. 10-15 sec. to open the Employee view (with approx. 30 employees in). Other windows/views takes similar time to open. Anyway to improve the performance? Or is this std. Axapta performance when using a small bandwidth? Thanks for your help, Mads

Hi We have exactly the same problem. AOS with 3-tier thin client configuration. Remote site connected with 256K line experience extremely slow performance. Processing a sales order is almost impossible. Just logging on takes about 2 minutes. Thin client AOS users on the local network experience performance slightly quicker than FAT clients on the local network using ODBC. I have checked: the database is not initialised for unicode nor is this ticked in the configuration utility. I have removed the logo file from company information. Surely there must be someone who has experienced the same problem and found a solution…

Hello… the thing is not the bandwith, but latency !!! Guess over your ADSL connections you have a latency much higher than 50ms. This is going to kill any performance. (just ping your AOS) If you want to keep ADSL, think about using Citrix or Windows Terminal server… Pirmin

Hi Thanks for the info, but latency is not the problem. I changed the configuration utility and added the command line parameter: -AOS=hostIPaddress:port. I also pointed the database path to the IP address in the AOS settings as well as the application folder path to the IP address in the client configuration utility. I removed the logo files (which weren’t very big anyaway). All of the above has made a huge difference in performance. [:)][:D][8D] Regards Steven