Oracle Connections - Axapta 3.0 SP1

We have a situation where our Axapta 3.0 SP1 AOS servers are not releasing their dedicated Oracle connections after the user exits Axapta. Oracle database is running on Solaris8. Per a suggestion, we’ve tried changing the idle timeout all the way down to 10 seconds on the AOS configuration utility’s database tab with no success. Have had others say that this is a bug in 3.0 SP1 and the workaround is to restart the AOS server instance. While this does work, it is not an option in our 24x7 environment. As the DBA, I’ve written a script to remove these “rogue” processes, but this ranks right up there with restarting the AOS server instance. Anyone else running into this? Any “permanent” hot fixes that you know of? Thanks in advance… Herman Means