Advantages and Disadvantages of navision 2013

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of navision 2013 over nav 2009 R2???

Please tell me in detail??

Here is the manual

As far as comparisions, there is some new feature information on PartnerSource, but much is also on MSDN.Here are some links on MSDN since you may not have PartnerSource access.

general best information:…/hh173988(v=nav.70).aspx

Application changes:…/hh173994(v=nav.70).aspx

Developer and System changes:…/hh174007(v=nav.70).aspx

If you have PartnerSource access here is another url: 2013

I hope this information helps you out. One thing to remember is that 2009R2 has full set of Web Services that work very well, though NAV 2013 will have the Web Client. Make sure you read up on the Web Client though as it will not be an equal to the full RTC, powerusers will still need the RTC. There is also a SharePoint client on NAV 2013 but again read up on it so you know the differences as compared to the full RTC (role tailored client).

Thanks Amol for the info…

I will go through these URLs

Hi Shikha,

Not going to answer in details. You can read the details in the posts/links above.

NAV 2013’s main advantages (as I see them) are that it’s supporting the new standards from Microsoft, both with SQL Server, report writing (RDLC 2008 vs. RDLC 2005). It has the Web client and Sharepoint Framework. The code is much better structured and simpler (no Forms and no Dataports) and no worry of supporting native database anymore.

The application is stronger and has a lot of new functions.

The advantages of NAV 2009 to NAV 2013 for existing Navision users is that you still have the Classic Client, it’s a tested and proven system. NAV 2013 is still new and bugs are to be expected.

The disadvantages of NAV 2013 is still that it’s a new platform and that many of the add-ons available for NAV 2009 and previous are not yet (and many most likely never will be) available on NAV 2013.