Dynamics NAV 2013 - Which client to choose?

Hi All!
I`m Pedro.
In our group of entreprise, we work with a Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 hosted. I acess in firms with Windows terminal server, and we have 70 users. Each firm have a development specific for the others firms.
We have in hosting a Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010. We will upgrade to 2013.
But in NAV what version we choose?

a) Microsoft Dynamics Nav Web Client

b) Microsoft Dynamics Portal Framework

c) Or we can work in some users with web client and the others users Portal Framework

And the feature limitations?
Or upgrade to NAV 2009 RTC first?
Pedro Monteiro

Have a look at this link


I read.

But I ask for the forum, because i´m a end user and i don´t have knowlegde to decide.

I would like to know what you choose?



Hi Pedro,

If it was me then I think I would upgrade to NAV 2009 RTC first. Then your upgrade path to Dynamics NAV 2013 will be as smooth as possible.

But with Dynamics NAV 2013 only weeks away from release, and if the Sharepoint integration is very important to your company, then I would just go directly to NAV 2013.

I regards to your question on which clients your users should be using, then I you should think about the three different clients with NAV 2013 just as you think about the fact that you have different clients for Outlook. You have your regular “Windows Client” and you have your Web Client, and then you have your Sharepoint client. And although very similar in functionality, then the “Windows Client” is the one that gives you the best user experience. The Web Client and the Sharepoint is primary for less frequent users, or users without a Windows client (or just for users without access to their normal pc). In a hosted environment then you would just use the “Windows” client in the streamed mode that you might know from NAV 2009.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for your response.

The Sharepoint intregration is very important for us. I don`t know the date to relaese NAV 2013 in Portugal. We paid for users (saas).

I would like to know why the Sharepoint Cliente is to much limited or is OK? I prefer work in that.

Best regards,


The Sharepoint client is not limited as so, but it’s not “a client” the same way the Windows Client is a client. Instead it allows you to add all NAV Pages into your Sharepoint site as Web Parts. This way you “build” your own client integrated with your Sharepoint site.

But the “Web Client” is a “real” client, just like the Windows client (RTC) is. So the Sharepoint client is more for integrating into your site, rather than a “full client”.

Portugal is not part of “Group 1” in regards to which countries are released first, so I don’t know when it will be released there. But my guess not this year.


No SharePoint apenas podes disponibilizar webparts das paginas, não podes utilizar o nav na sua versão integral.

Tens o integration framework, mas tambem tens o webclient com o webserver componentes para trabalhar numa versão web.

Olá Carlos,

Como funciona o webserver componentes?

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