What are advantages of Dynamics NAV 2013 over Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1?

Hello All expert,

I know this is very basic question to ask , but i want to know what are the technical and Functional advantages of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 over Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1., or in other words what are benefit on Dynamics NAV 2013 which am not getting in NAV 2009.

Thanks in advance


You can use this tool to compare the features


Mohan Thanks for the reply,

I have gone through link which u have provide it gives the difference , i want the basic difference like this that

  1. nav 2013 is faster than nav 2009

  2. locking problem is minimize in nav 2013

if u have any link regarding can u share with me


Hi Shailesh,

Yes it is faster. How I see Dynamics NAV 2013 compared to NAV 2009, then NAV 2013 is really what I had expected NAV 2009 to be. A whole new and better system than the classic product. There are still things that could be better be all in all then go with NAV 2013.

Also from a developers point of view then it’s become better, when first one get at grip upon the new pages and reports. Gone are all the classic forms and the classic reports. They no longer supports the old native database, now it’s SQL Server only. That only means that a general update of all objects for optimizing performance and overall code quality also has begone.