3.60 Pros and Cons

Hi, Please can somebody just spend a few minutes and help us out. We have a client and we are very eager to get them using the 3.60 clients with their 2.50 database at the very least before eventually fully upgrading them. I am trying to get across to them that they should at the very least start using 3.60 clients (once their 2.5 database has been opened using a 3.60 client of course). The problem is that they are end-users and are struggling to see the advantages for them to do this. Can somebody give me a few pointers on what I can show/tell them to gain their confidence in doing this ? Many thanks in advance Robin

Robin, I wonder why you want to do it this way! Is it for them to get used to interface or what? As far as Navision is concerned, basic functioanlity lies in the db. There is nothing much you are gonna achieve really. It also looks like you are just eager with no reason! I would in the same manner prefer that the cleint is left to use 2.5 until you ofcourse change over. Robert

Hi Robert, I knew I should have posted it on the end of my other posting Launching Navision From With Other Software. The great advantage of using 3.60 executables is that you CAN launch Navision from other software and use the File Send menu to create a Shortcut on your Desktop. Robin

Hey Robin, Here are a few items Bank Rec. is different in 3.6. Change Log is new. Satbir

Robert, do they really need upgrading their database to 3.6?? Is there any new functionality they really need and are willing to pay for?? If it’s just upgrade to have the last version… sincerelly, it seems not a really good reason to me. If the customer it’s working fine with their actual version and they don’t really need anything that it’s included on the new 3.6 version andd that they don’t already have, just let them stay on a 2.5 database with 3.6 executables… what’s the problem on that?? Upgrades should only be done in the following cases: 1) There is a new functionality the customer needs and it’s not included on the version they’re using. 2) There is a serious bug that cannot be fixed on that version and needs to be upgraded to be fixed. 3) If a new mod they’re wanting to add it’s needing the latest version instead of the one they’re actually having. Regards,

Hey, Is that Satbir Singh ? Spent time in Jersey ? If it is then a big hello from Sunny (?) Jersey. Thanks for your input. The main (if not only reason) we want them onto 3.6 executables is to provide this automatic launch from outside of Navision. Robin

HI Alfonso, Thanks for your reply too. You are quite right our client has no immediate need for any of the latest functionality but will do later on. Maybe early next year we may start upgrading them. It is a single department of theirs that are having new software/hardware installed for a GIS system and part of their remit for carrying on with it is to launch Navision directly from that system. We’ve been under the impression that 2.5 could not handle this and now we’ve know 3.6 can handle this we are recommending them to upgrade to the 3.6 executables only for now. You get to use the creating shortcuts on desktops etc as well as the new datatypes for variables. There is probably more advantages to the developer than the user will probably get to see. Cheers Robin

Hey Sat, Bank Rec and Change Log belong to the database and not the executable. Robin, may be that launching thing is what is crucial for you and/or you client. There would be no need I still think! Robert

Hi Satbir, Can you tell me what changes are there with regard to the Bank Rec in the 3.6 Database? I observe no changes from the earlier version in this functionality …please elaborate… Thanks

Hi As far as i know the thing with Navision is that the whole of it is in the Database. Therefore there is not much if the database is not changed. Maybe the client exe only offers a better and appealing visual interface. And i dont feel that it would be of any help either to ur client or u to just change the client exe. Regards Akshay

Akshav… sorry, but you’re wrong. The functionality of the application (ledger entries, sales, purchases… all that stuff) it’s on the database, but the executables have also an important role. Example of things you’ll get when upgrading JUST the executables: - You’ll be allowed to use bigger database files (at least until version 2.01 the biggest size on a database file was 2 gb, if the database was bigger you were needing to split it in different files). - The text variables used on Attain can have a maximum length of 1024 characters, versus the maximum of 260 characters that financials 2.6E allowed.(that’s really useful specially if having to do some imports …). - The executable allows you the use of events through the NAS. - The executables on 3.6 are more robust (hang less… at least theorically) and have a theoricall better integration with windows (specially if using the sql version). - The debugger functionality is also part of the executables and has been changed… but still hangs sometimes. - The printers handling it’s better on 3.6 - It’s allowing the user exporting data in XML format and also importing it. - It’s more integrated with mail programs, getting less errors when sending reports by e-mail (you don’t need extra development for that… just use the new send by e-mail function…) Just upgrading the executables is sometimes helping a lot… Regards,

Hi Alfonso, Thank you very much. You have provided me just the ammunition I need. Cheers Robin

------------------ Hey, Is that Satbir Singh ? Spent time in Jersey ? If it is then a big hello from Sunny (?) Jersey. ------------------ Yes Robin, you are right buddy. Jersey should be sunny these days. We are having another snowfall in Bosotn. How is Dominic doing !!! Satbir

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