Upgrade client side

Hello We have NF 2.6E My boss see 3.7 and find that it’s a beautiful look … So, is it possible to use the client side of 3.7 to connect to a 2.6 server? What is the benefit ? (other than more beautiful…) What about the licensing? Thx

No But you can just put your current 2.60 database onto a 3.70 server, but this will not change how the menus look. You will have to get the menus updated to use the new look. Paul Baxter

…And if looks are so important to your Boss, show him or her Navision 4.0, if you are planning to upgrade anyway.

If you do as Robert suggests then you get to use the new Microsoft ODBC driver instead of the old buggy Navision one. Great improvement if you still need to use ODBC.[:D]