Navision 3.7

Anybody would like to write few lines about 3.7 , we are implementing 1 project next month, so have to decide 3.6 or 3.7 I got the document about the changes made in 3.7. Microsoft is moving to SQL database rather then native database there are a lot of features which are available only with sql database may be in future microsoft will drop navision native database (only sql)[:(!].

sure navision will drop native in the future. You can tell by the fact that the SQL option has been included in the Navision System Magament module for free. Advantage of this will be that the advantages of SQL will be used much better than at the moment.

hai ajay would be thankful if you send the document showing the changes in 3.7 to thanks in advance! pavan

Hello, No contest - 3.70 is the better version. There are very few new features compared to 3.60, so if you know 3.60 then you know 3.70, but the number of fixes to 3.70 make it the one to go for. Cheers

Edward, I agree that 3.7 WILL be a better version, but after a few hotfixes. If you look at amount of bugs fixed (the doc has 250 pages!) and remember the well known law of “fixing bugs”, which says that a while fixing one bug programers create two new, than i’d prefer 3.60, for a while. As i said, implement 3.60 + hotfixes, wait for few hotfixes for 3.70, and after 6 months to a year make an upgrade. The client will be satisfied, client will be up to date,you’ll work with a stable version, you’ll make some money and gain some time to accomodate yourself with new version.[;)]

Ajay It seems Ivan is correct. It would be better to implement 3.6 + hotfixes rather than going directly to 3.7 version. Wait for the bugs to be fixed in 3.7 (if any),Ajay.

As a local Microsoft employee told me: “Navision 3.70 is simply an extensive hotfix to 3.60” So I would still say go with 3.70. But of cause Ivan is not wrong. Every time a programmer touches the code he introduces the risk of more errors! Even when fixing other errors. And of cause there will be fixes to this version also, I just beleive that they have fixed so many other errors that it makes up for it.

Next Week we are going to implement 3.6. Sure we have thought about 3.7 but it was to short and we had to drop our preparation time. So we decided to implement 3.7 client/Server and 3.6 Objekts.

Eirk is right, 3.70 is definitely an extensive Bug fix for 3.60. THey even have fixed some bug in the Upgrade tool. My view is 3.60 should be taken just as another beta release looking at the amount of Bugs fixed.

The replies to the posting above interests me, though I have not been able to catch hold of the document pertaining to the changes in 3.70 released by our NTR. Can somebody highlight as to what specific bugs are fixed in 3.70 ? As one of my customer is going live next month on 3.60 with GL, PP, SR, Inv, Res, FA and Job modules with extensive customisations, any reference of any known bugs which needs to be taken care of in these areas? Or are the fixes in 3.70 primarily in the other areas ?


Originally posted by prashycool
THey even have fixed some bug in the Upgrade tool.

Take a look at the hotfix list for 3.60 - I haven’t actually counted it - but my guess is that 6 of 18 hotfixes have bug fixes for the upgrade tool. But I know (after we did our upgrade from 3.10) that it still contains error (in the customer/item discount area)!

I guess whether u should go for 3.60 or 3.70 depends also on how much customization needs to be done. If there are many customizations i guess 3.70 would be a better idea to 3.60. Regards Akshay

Why is there no Average Cost in 3.70? It seems that Navision took out the code for this and removed the field from the Item Card??! John

hmmmm In the W1 Beta 2 version it is the field under costing method on the item card invoicing tab. They have even added a further average cost calculation parameter in the inventory set-up - whether it is purely by Item or on an Item&Location&Variant basis.

There is still an Average Costing Method in NA3.70 as well as the Average Cost ($) field on the item Card. What Version are you using? I am not sure if they have issues (as outlined in NA 3.60 - Improvement 25), but if not I would expect an improvement soon.

There will be a hot fix out to resolve a couple of issues relating to average costing in the next few weeks.

Hi Ali A hot fix for something that is missing - that’s progress!! [:D]

HI Alison,


There will be a hot fix out to resolve a couple of issues relating to average costing in the next few weeks.

Could you tell me more information about that HotFix?? Right now I had a Hotifx19 and Draft Document how to solve some issue with average costing on 3.60.

Sorry - I don’t have a lot of information regarding the hot fix - just that it will be with us shortly. I think it may only relate to 3.70 though.

I know all about the Average Costing issue. Average costing has not worked well in Navision since at least version 1.20. Of course, it did not work in 3.60 as well and (finally) people took notice. The real fix for average costing will require a data structure change, and will not be available until 3.70.A is released. The interim fix produces acceptable financial results, but does not provide for the data necessary to have a flowfield on the Item table (Item Card) to display the average cost. So, if you are using average cost (or plan to do so), 3.70 is the best version yet to choose, but you will not be able to see the average cost on the Item Card. 3.70.A is not likely to make it in August or September, but probably more like October or November. It is expected that a minor data upgrade process will be required to go from 3.70 to 3.70.A. - David Hutchinson