Technical update question

Hello everybody, we are kind of uncertain if our idea of a technical update is a good one and won´t ruin the database (and probably our lives because of loosing our jobs). So here is the idea: Using : Navision 2.6D (client/server) Want to use : Navision 3.7 (client) , 2.6D (database) We want to use 3.7 because of some of the new possibilities in C/side. So, we thought about making a backup of the database, open it with a 3.7 Server Version, Database will be converted then and finally give every user a 3.7 client. Is that really all there is to do? Thanks in advance fo any answers, Christian

Yes, that’s the basic idea. A few warnings: - The database is only converted when the first 3.70 client connects to the server; - Some C/SIDE functionalities (very few) have a different behaviour in 3.70 - it shouldn’t disrupt your existing system but can sometimes cause small problems. In short, it’s an easy task and will probably not cause you to lose your job. [:D]

Having done similar things in the past, FIRST, Do this on a TEST system, and NOT on the PRODUCTION system. 2nd, Test the ability to access and do all the functional tasks on the test system. Have all the functional teams do the testing and verify that all their processes still work. This testing may expose user processes that may have to be changed, or system processes that need to be looked into. Do NOT upgrade production until the user teams are satisfied that their business process will not break/stop. It is wise to get them to sign-off an approval to upgrade. Where your job is at risk is if business stops because of a failed upgrade, for example if you cannot ship product. 3rd, Plan the upgrade, including a “fall back” procedure in case the upgrade fails. 4th, Now you can upgrade the PRODUCTION system. gud luk Gary

I completely agree with Gary… In theory your approach should work fine, but you never can tell if any new feature in any C/AL function does not affect your current processes and reports or other objects. I cannot remember any specific situation, but I do remember that I had some problems with certain functions in particular circumstances when taking objects from 2.60 to 3.70 - you might require some really little customizations which can be really annoying when running the production system. Therefore rather restore your backup into a new 3.70 database and run all the necessary tests with your users as Gary suggests or if possible even a one week parallel usage if possible. If your lives depend on that, I would rather spend some planning and preparation [;)] Saludos Nils

Christian, I have done several ‘technical’ updates from 2.6 to 3.6. However, after planning and testing there were NO modifications on the application layer neccessary (beside and ). The Problem was the client (fin.exe). So make sure you have the latest Version available. Once again, I have done that with 3.6. So, go ahead and test test test