2 way integration with Navision


I have a product built on Oracle 10g and PowerBuilder 10 specifically for print media industry which I want to integrate with Navision. My client is expecting a 2 way realtime integration between the products. The integration is required on the following areas.

1. Get stock balance of items from navision for billing

2. Get account balance of customers for credit validations

3. Post accounting details and stock positions back to navision after billing

If anybody done a similar integration job, please share the details with me…

Thanks in advance…


I have built a small .NET-DLL which integrates into Navision (as COM Automation Object) and uses the Oracle.NET-DataProvider to send and retrieve Data from Oracle. It is pretty easy way to interact with Oracle. We built this for our data-migration from Oracle.

Maybe you can use this DLL with the Navision Application Server to get your job done.



Thanks for the information. If you don’t mind, please send me more tech. details on this.




view http://dotnet-halle.blogspot.com/2006/08/oracle-integration-into-navision.html and

ask if you have any questions.


Hi Santharam,

bascially your first step is to break this project into at least three seperate components.
1/ Is the technical aspect of data transfer between Oracle and Navision - this is the issue Forki has addressed.
2/ The methods of the data in Oracle, and how they relate to the business process - this bit I think you have already done.
3/ How the bsiness process needs now to be performed in Navision - this is the three questions you posted above.

The first step to decide how you are going to progress, you need to decide “Do you plan in the near future, to convert your product to Navision” If yes, then you could concider investing in learning Navision and its business model. If No (and from your posting it does not look like you plan to convert to Navision), then you need to find someone to work with that can handle the Navision business side of the process.

In reality I can not see it worth your time to learn all the Navision business process involved to get the Navision Business part working, and its very unsafe to just “have a go” and try and get it workign with out a good understanding of Navision. Of course 1 and 2 are not going to break Navision, but 3 definitely could.

Obviously the best step woudl be to aproach yoru clients Navision VAR/NSC/Partner, and ask them if they can do the Navision part of this.

Hope this helps.