Integration with 5 systems

Hi All, I have a client (a software house) who has 5 separate systems which are required to be integrated with Navision (SQL) for data exchanges, what fun! Each is different in nature and the flow is as follows: 1. Navision → Siebel (CRM data - updates twice a day) 2. Navision → a reporting system (Financial data - update once a month) 3. Navision <–> SQL based system (updates on data change of a table) 4. Navision <–> .NET web service system (real time data exchange) 5. SQL based system → Navision (master data - once a day) The client wishes to utilize the .NET/Biztalk/MSMQ/XML technologies, align with their current strategy. I am thinking to do: 1. Change log to capture certain changed data. Format data into XML documents and utilize MSMQ. 2. Flat files dataport export. As it is once a month and also require manual data manipulation at the reporting system end, seems like the best choice. 3. Same as 1) except process is done on data change of the fields in a particular table. Alternative solutions are ADO and SQL triggers. 4. This is the tough one. We will have to create a COM object which accepts parameters from Navision, transform data into pre-set XML format, calls the Web Service object, then pass the result back to Navision. Not sure if this is the best idea, is there something similar out there for Navision? 5. SQL DTS package into temp tables in Navision. Navision scheduler to scan table every morning before business hours and process them. Of course, the simplest method will be to use flat files for all, but it is not possible due to their requirement. Trying to avoid NAS because of cost concern. As this is the first time that I have face such a complicated system infrastruture before, would you have any suggestions to the proposed solutions? Much appreciated! [:)]