Adapter between Navision and Oracle


I have the Navision 4.0 and Oracle x version. I want to connect the Oracle from Navision (Either NavisionDB or SQL-server). What are the steps to be followed for integration between these two product.

For Example,

  1. The Finance Transactions done in NAV are to be consolidated & sent to Oracle – HOW.
  2. The Purchase Orders & Goods Inward created in NAV are to be sent to Oracle Procurement so Payment can be done in Oracle Accounts Payable.
  3. Consider this integration to be in a batch mode.
  4. This will require understanding of the what data is required in Oracle in this regard.

Databackbone has a very good integration tool. These guys are experts with integration to/from NAV.


Thanks walter.

We are now also able to do this we our new OnDemand version of the Data Backbone product. Its called RapidiOnline and we will over time support the same systems as the OnPremise (Data Backbone) version.

We RapidiOnline we can also invoke C/AL code when entering data into Navision.