3rd party software integration

Hi All, One software company has contacted us for integration of Navision with their software. They have Project Management and Field Force Automation softwares developed on .Net platform with SQL Server backend. They do not have Financial Module, for which their clients are asking. They want to integrate their software with Navision and offer it as a complete solution. Can anyone pls advise me on the possibilities for the same. In case, if it is possible what information is required from them. Who will handle that integration? Denmark or NTR or the NSC? What are the integration points like APIs available for Navision Attain for such integration? pls give me info as detail as possible. Best Regards, Raju

You can use Navision Application Server as the integration point. You cannot called Navision codeunit through API.

What you are trying to do is not overly complex, it should be done at the NSC level. First thing to do is to aalysi the integration requirements. Project Management and Field Force Automation are not “real time” accounting applications, as would be remote sales or something like that. Basically I would be guessing that most reporting would need to be at the monthly level, or at worse case daily, which really is a piece of cake. (Sales reporting on the other hand needs to be in seconds, e.g. if you sell an item to a client, then it needs to be reported as not in stock almost immediately, where as if you record time on a project, its is enough to gather that information daily). If this is your tenth or twentieth implementation of a Naviison automated integration, then by all menas go for the Naviison Application Server solution. If you have done less than 5 or 10 of these (an I am guessing that you have done aproximately less that zero), then just keep it simple, and do this. Get the Navision application on SQL. Create a new set of finance integration tables in Navision, which basically contain all the data required to populate a finance journal (table 81) and all that you need to report Finance summaries (something like Table 17). Have two SQL procedures, one that moves data fromt he external app, into these tables, the other than moves data from these tables to the external App. DO NOT use SQL to write direct to any Standard Navision tables, leave that till you really have the required experience. In Navision create a Journal posting application that takes the data form the new tables, craetes and post journals, then sumarizes the finance data and publishes it in the new tables to be read by the External app. Have a user once a day run this routine manually. WARNING DO NOT try to automate this task, I know that it is about 14 seconds of programming, but in the begining have it manual, so that someone is watching and understanding what is happening. At this time you can work on one of the biggest tasks, handshaking. Once it all works manually, then start working on the automation steps.