19.03.2015.00:00:00 is not a valid date

Hi eveyone,
I have a field in page that is a flowfield coming from a specific table.The calcformula is:

Count("Sales Header" WHERE
(Document Type=CONST(Order),
Shipment Date=FIELD(Shipment Date))

When I click in it on the page to see the details, I get the following error message:

19.03.2015.00:00:00 is not a valid date

I checked the field “Shipment Date” in my specific table, its type is Date, not datetime.
What shall I do to correct that?

In MSSQL DB all NAV date containing fields are of type datetime - how did you get a field of type = date? Which table it is?

P.S. datetime in SQL is used because of the tricky way NAV stores closing dates (C31/12/15) - these have time part 23:59:59:000, “normal dates” have 00:00:00:000