'Date is not Valid" error while closing NAvision

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One of our customer who is running on Navision 4.0 SQL version normally encounter an error ‘Date is Not valid’ while closing Navision and also during various stages working with Navision. Initially we understand that some date field is corrupted but does anybody encountered these error earlier? if so any solutions forum members can share?

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Gives the Debugger any clue?

Perhaps some customization to the “Application Management” codeunit that has to do with dates?? Definitly you should turn on the debugger (just the “activate” part) and check if it pops up somewhere… the debugger will then show the place where the error occurs.



This is a known issue. Version 4.0 creates this message if you are tracking the time the users login. You either need to not track time against a user or update to 4.1 I believe.