Date from calendar


I would like to insert a date from calendar in a field.
But it is not accepted, I always get the following error message:
“Your entry of ‘2011.09.13.’ is not an accepteble value for ‘…(name of the field)’.
‘2011.09.13.’ is not a valid date. (Select Refresh to discard errors)”

What is the solution for this problem? Does anybody have the same?

Thanks a lot,

is database in your local machine or in server?

what is the date format set in client and server?

Just found this

there are 2 hot fixes released for HU localization

KB 2500531 "User is not able to post Sales Order due to error message “‘2011.01.27.’ is not a valid date.” in the Hungarian NAV 2009 R2 [HU localization]"

KB 2521915 "User gets an error message “‘YYYY.MM.DD.’ is not a valid date.” when he enters a date on RTC page"

Thanks for your help. [:)]

Welcome [:)]