"The date is not valid"

For Navision 4, I have two companies setup, when I switch from one to another a date error seems to occur. The actual message is “The date is not valid”. Does anyone know why this may occur and if so any potential answers to solve it? Thanks

Hi, please use the search function. you will find the following thread: http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=13433&SearchTerms=the+date+is+not+valid br Josef Metz

All of the “date is not valid” queries are redirected to Topic ID 13433 but there appears to be an Microsoft Jet Database error on that page and displays only the original post. Can either the Webmaster please fix this error or someone relay any other info they have on the “date is not valid” issue. Thanks

That ‘Jet Database’ error is weird – it comes and goes randomly. I just followed the link and it worked ok. Anyway, the net of it all is: Known issue with v4.0, to be fixed in the 4.01 update due 2005-Q3. Workaround: Turn off “Register Time” wherever found in G/L Setup and/or User Setup.