Write a function to Find record

Hello everyone,

I create a button in Sales Order to find record, like that in navision


Please help me, thank you

Can you be more clear please?


sorry, my english is poor.

I want to create a new function so that we can search initial in ‘Description’ column on Sales Order Form,

I want you help me, thanks.

What about Select Description and (Ctrl + F) ?[;)]

It’s no use for (Ctrl + F). I need to Create a function.

You need to get the same Find window after pressing that function?


I created a form, the function is in the form.

i can find the description.

but there have two other questions:

  1. the form is filter

  2. there appeared tow Sales Header form

can you speak chinese, i english is very poor[:)]

Sorry I don’t know Chinese and didn’t understand your post…[:(]

sorry, my english is very poor, and thanks for your help

Can you explain in chinese? i will translate it to english by using google translator and try…

ok, thank you very much

我现在要做的一个工作是查询Client Payment Journal这个Form中Descriptin.因此,我在Client Payment Journal 这个Form的Functions中添加一个Item叫做

Find Vendor Invoice No.,点击这个Find Vendor Invoice No.后进入另一个名称为Find Vendor Invoice Number 的Form,在这个Find Vendor Invoice Number

的Form里面输入查询条件,我的查询条件是Posting Date 和Descripton。我想实现的功能是点击Find Vendor Invoice Number这个按钮后,关闭这个Find Vendor

Invoice Number这个Form,在Client Payment Journal 这个Form上显示出我查询想要的那条记录。

Just a few questions,

You need to flow the description value to Vendor Invoice No. descriptopn field?

or you will enter it manually?

from where do you want to get the vendor Invoice No?

what should this find invoice number function should do?

1.我的Vendor Invoice Number是已经Description,当然,有的单的Description里面填写了Vendor Invoice Number ,有的已经填写了Vendor Invoice Number。例如:我这里有一个Vendor Invoice No.=‘100010’,但是我不知道它是否已经被我填写在某张单的Description,所以要做这个Function来在Description中查找看这个Vendor Invoice No.='100010’的单是否存在,如果存在就在Client Payment Journal 这个Form中显示出这张单来。

thank you very much.