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Hi ,

I am fresher to navision. I got one problem.I creating a sales invoice report. In that report client is asking customer
1.Phone No
6.T.I.N.NO some more he is asking.
Thart above fields are not sale order. How get get that fields in sales invoice.
I planned in one way that is. I need to add these fields to sales header and sales shipment header ,sales invoice header and salesSales Credit Memo Header ,return receipt header… with same field Id.
what i think this process is not good as per my knowledge.
Experts u can have different thoughts on this.
So throw u r valuable suggestions. Brick wallBrick wallBrick wall

thanks and regards

Hi, You need to pick these values from Customer table. Declare RecCustomer as a record variable of subtype Customer and RecCustomer.Get(SalesHeader.“Sell to Customer No.”); and then use the RecCustomer.“TIN No.”, RecCustomer.“Phone No.”,RecCustomer.“ECC No.”, etc. for displaying in the report… I hope this clears your doubt…