How to create lookup function in Navision 4.0

Dear All,

I have created “customer’s item” form in tabular form & source table of this form is “Cust_Item”. Now i want to create lookup function on “item no”(of customer’s item form) field to update “customer’s item” form fields from item card.

I also find code of “No” field of “sale line” table but result is zero.

So pls help me and provide some code to achieve this i will be very thankfull to you…


Neel Kamal.

Did you set TableRelation for Customer’s Item field?

Thanx for ur reply

and i set following TableRelation on Customer’s Item field to lookup item Table:-

Condition Table Field Table Filter
Item No.

What is the result?

When i am clicking on lookup button it is not opening Item card to select item nos.

Did you write anything in OnLookup trigger in form?

remove the field from Form and add again and try…

Dear Mohana,

Thanx for your reply.

After removing & adding field item card opening very well but now when i am pressing “Esc” key on “Customer’s Item” form to exit from the Form it is creating new blank line at the top of items.

What type of form is it?

Did you set Delayed Insert property to Yes?

Form Type:= Tabular.

Delayed Insert property to No.

Please set Delayed Insert property to yes and try

Sir i set property to Yes but problem is same.