returntable && salescopying update ?


I have twe forms returntable(return orders) and salescopying(find sales order) when I create new record in returntable and click the button find sales orders the second form is shown salecopying I check line the custinvoicejour that I want to return and click ok it make update on the line of returntable form so I want to add to this update to get the custinvoicejour.invoiceid of salescopying and make it in the heading of returntable form how I can do this ?

this my code this code is on click button of form salescopying :

void clicked()

invoiceid invid;

CustInvoiceTrans custrans;
salestable st;


if (CustInvoiceTrans_Copy.checked(true))
//st =
custrans = CustInvoiceTrans_DS.cursor();
select maxof(salesid) from st where st.ReturnItemNum !="" && st.createdBy == curuserid();
select CustInvoiceJour where CustInvoiceJour.SalesId==custrans.SalesId;
invid = CustInvoiceJour.InvoiceId;
info(strfmt(“NumCMDTrans :%1,fact:%2,CMDR:%3”,custrans.SalesId,CustInvoiceJour.InvoiceId,st.SalesId));
select forUpdate salestable where SalesTable.SalesId == st.SalesId;
SalesTable.PurchOrderFormNum = CustInvoiceJour.InvoiceId;



thank yoous