Wipe transaction from Dynamic


I am trying to wipe all the transactions in my test company leaving just customer, vendors, items, and static settings

Which functions should i be running to perform this task


There are no such “functions” in Navision, as in normal operation entries are never deleted, even errorenous ones, as this is not allowed by accounting regulations.

However, “cleaning” a test database is common task, and for this purpose there were some tools out there, created (actually scripts) to speed up this task.
Bad news is, that the last one I saw was some years ago, and even if I could find it, it will be of no use, it is outdated now (it was created with v5 or even v4 in mind, but new tables are added now).

This is not only deleting records, there must be done some updates, too, e.g. resetting number series. If you have “played” much with your test DB, maybe it is easier to transfer GLAccounts/Cust/Vend/Item/PostingGroup and setup tables data to new company, this is easier task, as “cleanup” requires deep knowledge of Navision tables structure to perform it.

When done, make a backup of your “clean” DB - restoring that later is by no means the quickest way to get rid of “test transactions” [:)]