Delete Transaction Data

Hi all,

I am using NAV2009 IN db. I want to clear the transaction data from it. How Can I do ?
Just Create Bactch job for deletion is the only Solution ?? [:P]
Is there any Standard Solution from Nav ?? [:^)]

kindly reply

why do you want to do this?

What type of transactions u want to delete ?

Is it posted sales invoices documents , posted purchse invoices documents, open purchase orders, open salesorders… ……

U can use the delete Batch Job.

Don’t try to delete the Ledger Transactions .

If u delete ledger entries , like customer, vendor, G/L entries…

Then it is not legal way to delete that data.

If u delete the item ledger entries , the you will be in trouble.

Thank you for your quick reply.

We are preparing the DB for GO-Live.

Hi Reema,

I know that [:P]

Do u know how to prepare the databse for Go-Live ?

If u preparing the database for Go – live then u should not ask that question.

Take some senior help on this.

hi reem,

I Don’t want to Create a new company and run setupCheck list …

Is there another way ??

Not as standard, there are a few tools you can download, you can write your own, but if you have ledger transactions this is a risky strategy in prep for go live - you need a better process for go live, namely a test transactional database and a master database without transactions where the settings are conpleted once verified through the user acceptance testing.

Thanks Adam

Hi Subrata,

The Rim toolset had a data cleanse but it was not complete. Deletion will run the risk of having to deal with live and test data mixed so you’d have to be extremely thorough. Would you not be better investing your time into a “copy setup” routine?

Hi All,

I am very serious about the risk-factor. though I want to know the other solution on this matter.

I know that SetupCheckList is the one and only OLD -Best solution.

…BTW Thanks to ALL…