Void cchecks

We are wanting to enter void checks into NaVision. These are checks that have been destroyed, had reports print on them, etc. These are not checks that have been issued to vendors and have then been voided later. Good accounting practice dictates that each check be accounted for. We want to be able to see that checks that have been destroyed are accounted for in the database. There does not seem to be an obvious way to do this. Does anyone know of something?

If those were the computer checks, then those were should be in the Navision already. Also if you need to enter those checks which are not in Navision then you can create a payment journal for those checks and print then, and immediatly financially void them, that way you will have them in Navision, but will not effect to the Ledgers. Naveen Jain

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Sounds like you would like to post to the Check Ledger Entry Table & Add a description Ex/ Check 1234 - Eaten By Printer. Check 1235 - Report mistakenly printed on check etc etc. There is no Check Ledger Entry Journal that I know of. We had a similar problem when people forgot to change paper when printing this or that and leaving the checks in the printer. Simple solution…Get another printer and use it for checks only. You can set up the check report to always print to that specific printer. If you want to keep track in Navision you could create a new table called Destroyed Checks. With a link in the Purchases & payables Menu. Where you can manually enter the check#, date & reason for a missing check(s). Hopefully this isn’t something that happens very often.

Hi Joel If you want these cheque numbers recorded in the system you will have to do as Naveen suggested and create a payments journal and print the cheques on blank paper, then void the cheques and delete the journal. This will record them as voided cheques in the cheque ledger entry table. This can be a bit of a pain if the cheque numbers you need to record are not all in sequence as you will need to the journal and print process a number of time to cover all the numbers. Cheers Peter

OK, so I will create a “void check” vendor, against which the checks will be entered in a payment journal. I guess I have to make a non-zero transaction since I don’t think I can create a payment entry for zero dollars.

You don’t really need to create a void cheque vendor at all. You can do a journal against ny vendor(s) and print the cheques then void. At this stage there are no entries other than the cheque printed and cheque voided on the cheque ledger entry table. Cheers Peter