How to print a void check?

Dear all, I was not able to find an answer to this simple question - how to print a void check? As you know companies sometime request a void check for a reason of direct deposits, etc. All this check has to do is to show 0.00 amount? Any way to do that without any customizations? [?] Thank you

Hi Denis, Yes, you can print voided checks in Navision, however, it’ll be in a report format. Alex

Hi Alex, How do I do that? please let me know.

Alex are you referring to the “Bank Account-Check Details” report in g/l?

Hi, Yes I am. You’ll need to go to the report editor to add the ability to filter on the ledger. Alex

I might be confused - but I need to print the check itself, not report on check(s) that was voided. It should look exactly the same way as an original check with $0.00 amount on it.

In your original question you state “for direct deposit, etc”. We just usually give them a blank check & write void in big letters. They really just need the account# - routing# - Bank routing fraction. These are usually pre-printed on the check because the need special ink. Once that check is gone you can get the check details but re-printing it doesn’t sound do-able. even if you created a phoney in a test company for example for the same account & same amount, the check with that specific check # wouldn’t exist. One way we do it, might not be funtional for everyone, is to make a copy of every check we make. attach it to the bill it’s paying & file it away. Therefore we always have a copy of the original check in case it ever needs voiding or if the tax man comith :slight_smile:

H R thanks. I knew about the test company/database and was just wondering if there were a more “user friendly” solution. As for the checks themselves - we print the whole thing using Navision (and special ink :wink: ) that’s why I needed “to push” a button and get a check with just ABA + check number printed. Thanks