Navision 4 - Bank Reconciliation


I am a Fuctional Consultant and i have a query in Bank Reconciliation about how the Navision Works

Please explain me as why Nav uses two Option Bank Account Ledger entry or Check Ledger entry



For each bank operation you will have a corresponding bank ledger entry. Every time you will performance a check operation it will register a bank ledger entry and a check ledger entry. A check ledger entry has field witch related to bank ledger entry.

For example if you void a check it will create a reversed bank ledger entry.

Thanks for the Help But if could tell me

I have a Doubt because both Bank Ledger and Cheque ledger entry will have same entries as only cheques will be issued by the clients

Why there should bea seperate Cheque ledger entry option in BRS

Awaiting ur reply


If you issue a cheque type you can void teh cheque and print it etc. However you do not have to pay by cheque. You can have a petty cash bank account, no cheques ever issued so no cheque ledger entries, but every movement will see a bank ledger entry.


Thx a lot but still i am not clear

So what do you not understand?

I suggest you process a payment journal, but do not choose cheque as the type. Then try and find the bank ledger entry AND the cheque ledger entry


I tried enetring Payment Journal and it got posted to Bank Account and not to Cheque Ledger Entry as i have not choosed Cheque

But my question was when we do Reconciliation following are my observation

All entries will get posted into Bank Account Ledger Entry gets automated into recon lines

When Cheque is printed it gets posted to Cheque Ledger Entry and gets automed in to recon lines

Wat is the difference as all the cheque ledger entries will be available in Bank Account ledger entries also.



The only reason, I believe, that the cheque ledger entries are kept separate is to track them in an order as a control issue. Bank ledger will have a whole lot of transactions, like for eg- we have multiple visa/charge card etc on it and it may get lost in between those transactions. The table may also be as a check that a duplicate number is not issued.

Possible??? as I haven’t tried it.