Void payment

Hi, Is void payment part of navision 3.7? regards, Sarukai

Hi You could void cheques in earlier versions if this is what you mean. Look at the cheque ledger entries.

If you mean normal payment (for that matter any other transaction as I heard) voiding then no - it’ll be part of Navision 4 in a format common to Navision that nothing is deleted but just a correction voiding transaction is made. Tõnu

hi steven, if a cheque is adjusted for the open invoice(s) and subsequently got bounced or payment stopped at Bank we have to re open the closed invoice and increase the remaining amount and customer balance. we are using navision 3.7. regards, Sarukai

Hi Suresh In 3.70 I believe this is only for cheques you issue, not cheques received.

check out this link http://www.simcrest.com/SimCrestproducttemplate1.asp?ProductID=Void%20Pay