VIP upgrade from v2 to v3

Can anyone help? Does anyone know the correct procedure to upgrade a VIP system from version 2 to version 3? The Navision Financials is 2.60 cside database, with version 2 VIP added to it and we wish to only upgrade the payroll to version 3. Any ideas?

This is not recommended by Vorsprung as thwey do not believe that VIP 3.00 should work with anything other than Attain (one difference being Dimensions) but i can tell you that it can and has been done working successfully on a payroll system for 1500 employees. Therefore i think it’s a lot of hard work with a bit of trial and error before you have a solution that works. We have since moved the database up to version 3.6 attain. This step by step approach did cause more work and hassle than we anticipated.