Upgrade from 2.6 financials - Attain 3.10 (SQL)

One of our clients is upgrading from Navision Financials SQL version to Navision Attain 3.10 SQL version. They have some modifications made to their original 2.6 database to take care of certain issues. We have actually completed bringing in all the code in the 2.6 version to the 3.10 version. We have also added new functionality to the 3.10 database. Now, the client wants to keep all his hsitorical data as it is. They want the ability to navigate on a document and actually see the posted invoices and sales tax entries etc from the time they have started using Navision. They use around 137 tables. The best way we thought will be to dataport in all the table data from 2.6 to attain 3.10. Has anyone done this before is it a feasible solution? Are there any glitches in this solution. Or anything we need to be aware of? Is there any other better way to do it. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Anu

Have You tried the Upgrade toolkit? Last week we took an 1.20 db to 3.10 with all the data.

Will the upgrade toolkit take care of mapping Departments and Projects to dimensions? We also have a lot of customizations, don’t you think it would be painful?

It usually happens that when you go for upgradation, the customized objects are usually left out. Using the upgrade toolkit will be sensible. But before that identify and export all the customized objects from the old database, in an fob file and import in the new version.